Wax Process

Some exciting things are being produced here in the studio today! Working with Matt green wax to carve some of my favorite shapes, soon to be cast in bronze and silver.

I’ve been playing with the idea of creating my own machinable wax, because I love the transparency of the green wax, just not the color. I want to have the same carvability as I do with the green wax, just with a semi translucent colorless wax.

I have been thinking about wax itself as a creative wearable medium. Carving wax is one of my all time favorite processes, so why shouldn’t it become the finished product itself? Coating the wax with a durable clear coat of acrylic enamel might be necessary for long term wear and usage, but as long as the wearer or buyer understands that the material is fragile, and that they are wearing a piece of original art, I can definitely see wax as a finished material for wearing.

Please let me know your thoughts on wax as a wearable material!